aluminum panels A Home Inspector Checks the Electrical System

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
When a home inspector looks at the house you bought or sold,One of the key items he wants to check is the electrical system.In other words,How about wiring?Is there any fire hazard that must be fixed immediately?The first thing a family needs to know is its requirements for amps and volts.The more amps you have at homeThe more electrical equipment you can use at any given time.The typical standard is 100 amps.While some people say 200 amps are necessary for all electrical equipment we use these days.Large homes,And central air home-More power will be needed for air conditioning or electric heating.Think about the tunnelA tunnel of two lanes can be used as a tunnel of one lane by twice the number of cars.Volts determine the type of electric equipment that can be used.For example,lights,Small electric tools,Small kitchen appliances,Bathroom appliances,Small room air-conditioners,etc.Use 110 V power.In the case of electric heating families,Range of electricity,Big room air-conditioners,central air-conditioning,Large power tools,Clothes Dryer,etc.220 V is required.In our tunnel illustration,Higher voltage capacity is like a tunnel that can hold a truck,not just cars.Electricity must be distributed evenly at home.If there are more circuits at homeNo chance to blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker.A family with 14 circuits can accommodate more than one seven.Think of the tunnel again,There are more tunnels to accommodate traffic,The fewer opportunities for traffic jams.Your home inspector will look outside for electrical services that he can find.Is there a worn or damaged wire?Wear insulation may mean water damage to the main panel of the house.Some rust on a pipe or meter disk is usually not a big problem because it can be weathered.Your inspector will walk around the outside of the House to make sure there are no exposed wires.Any external socket shall be GFI protected.There are a few things your inspector will notice at home.Are there 3 prong ground sockets?Is there a GFI outlet in the kitchen and bathroom?Your inspectors can test their work.Is there a burn mark on the socket or switch board?Is there rust on the main service panel?All the equipment boards are mounted with straight and tight walls?Are the bulbs installed on all devices and all working conditions?Does the phone and cable jack work?Does the doorbell work?What is the state of the visible wire?He will also check out the attic and basement.Is there a junction box found?Your inspector will check the aluminum line by removing several outlets and switch boards.Aluminum wiring poses a serious danger.It may be the reason for the intermittent operation of flashing lights and equipment or appliances.If this happensMust be called a licensed electrician.Power off to the affected area if possible.Make sure there are work smoke detectors at home.It may be a big expense to replace the aluminum wire,But it's a bigger one to replace home.Your inspector should check the water master to see that the service ground is in good condition.He will try all the switches and sockets to see how they work.He can turn on as many lights as he can in the house.He can then turn on the air conditioner or large electrical appliances such as electric furnaces to see if the lights are dim or bright.If so, there may be a loose neutral or ground connection.It is important to check the main circuit breaker.Is the electrical panel marked correctly?Is there enough amps and voltage at home?If the service needs to be replaced or upgraded, it doesn't make sense to put anything less than 200 amps in.This is an easy way to check for loose connections.Turn on all the lights and walk at home,Use two sharp punches near the switch and socket.If there is a loose connection,This should reveal it.Finding such a problem can prevent electrical fires.Loosely connected equal heat in the circuit.When checking light bulbs and fixturesYour inspector may notice whether the bulb is more powerful than the one specified for the fixture.If they have the possibility that the wiring of the fixture is damaged from excessive heat,It should be replaced.If the family is occupied or has lived recentlyIt is important that the extension cord is not under the carpet or carpet.It is important to replace the worn or worn extension cord and replace the broken or damaged plug in the appliance.Your inspector will look for the overall quality of electrical work at home.If the work is installed by a licensed electricianThings will be done neatly and correctly.The work done by a homeowner or handyman is usually looked obvious by the work.Remember,Your home inspector will report the situation at home to you.It is important to know the state of the electrical system as you decide whether to buy or sell the house in question.
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