aluminum panels A High Performance Car With Impeccable Style - The 2011 Jaguar XJ

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
Jaguar's XJ has been a luxury car with an ancient world style for many years.The previous model was a little stuffy,Old Fashioned, not really so exciting,But the 2011 model is a completely different story.This updated version is a stylish and modern look.New headlights and swaying lines give cars and elegance and almost cats-like look.XJ is a luxury car to include the best Mercedes S-Class,Mercedes CLS classthe 7-Series from BMW and LS460 Lexus.Car shoppers have a choice from two different body styles;Wheel base and regular.There are three trim levels for both;XJ,The XJ Supercharged and the XK Super Sport.The XJ model is equipped with an eight-cylinder engine with a total output of 385 horsepower and a torque of 380 lbs.The XJ model has a 5.Eight cylinders of 0 liters are 470 horsepower.The top of the XJ supercar has a V8 pump out of 510 hp that can zoom in from zero to 60 in just 4.7 seconds.The constructed aluminum keeps the car much lighter than other vehicles in its class.The weight of Lithe XJ is only 4,045 pounds.Cargo space is generous and spacious 15.2 cubic feet.The interior design is as impeccable as the appearance of leather-made seats and leather upholstered door panels.There is no doubt about it;The interior looks and feels like if it definitely belongs to a $80 car.The standard audio system makes a quality sound of 600 watts.You have the option to upgrade the audio system to the 20 speakers, manufactured by Bowers & wilgos, to make an incredible 1200 watt sound.Even keep quiet inside at fast speed due to double glazing.This car has a good processing curve.The car has been loaded to the edge with a variety of features to keep the occupants safe.Standard features include ABS brake system and front and side airbags.Active head restraint protects the neck and head area to remind you in the accident and warning system when there is another car in your blind area.If you want a high-The performance vehicle is impeccable in style, and then the XJ may just fit you.Jaguar has provided a very generous maintenance plan,It will provide free maintenance of the first 5 years or the first 50 k miles of all new owners 2011 models.We all know,The service performed on a luxury car can be very expensive, so this is a very good deal.The basic price of 2011 XJ is about $88 k,It may look steep, but it competes for its class.
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