aluminum panels 5 Steps to Home Solar Panel Maintenance

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Solar panels are assumed to be "maintenance free" renewable energyLubrication and wear no moving parts
In most cases, they are just sitting there
. HoweverWith the passage of time
Solar panels will lose the efficiency of converting solar energy into clean electricity. Dust, dirt, algae, mold, leavesDebris and other things will affect to the number of your solar sun.
.Regular maintenance is essential to the performance of the peak of home solar panels
Here are five steps will help you keep your solar energy flow
:1) Clean Plexiglas Surface2) check to re-seal waterproof seals3Check/clear weep holes)
4) check/tighten the electrical connections
5Check/security hardware installation)
Glass cleaning resin
Flexiglass transparent cellulose acetate products, Lexan, transparent synthetic resin or other acrylic sheet
) must be careful
And .

Plexiglass surfaces are easily damaged by dirt., hard brush or irritating cleanser

Do not use scrubbing pads or gravel cleaners, as these will cause scratches on the surface of plexiglass.Organic glass makes application of clear water, gently clean surface dirt to the surface.
And then with a soft cloth and mild detergent and hot water solution, to eliminate the remaining dirt
Must change cloth clean area, avoid scratching
.Do not use a common household cleaners containing ammonia water or alcohol, because it can damage the surface.

Even paper towels cause scratches on the nerve plexus

It is ok to use diluted bleach
, but it may discolor the aluminum frame

Check for signs of waterproof joint leakage
, mold or algae growth or separation of the surface of the fillers
. Remove any mold or algae(if there is
) and applied on the surface of silicon leakproof again
.Check whether panel weep holes at the bottom of the jam.
Drain hole to allow any water condensation internal drainage of the panel

If the weeping hole is blocked,, then the water will return to the panel and cut off the electrical connection

Check all electrical connections
Line tighten cap screws and connectors
Looking for any oxidized wires
Because this increases the resistance and lowers the power output of the panel.LastlyCheck the solar panel mounting bracket and connection
Remove any debris at the bottom of the bracket
This could worsen the roof surface caused by leakage of your roof
Tighten all connection hardware to ensure that panel is still there
.Proper maintenance of solar panels will provide your home with clean, years-free energy

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