aluminum panels 1972 XP-895 All Aluminum Corvette Concept

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
It's hard to imagine the body of the cruiser is made of fiberglass., but in 1972 a pitch is Vette body is made up of aluminum
It was in 1972 that Reynolds aluminium company and general motors joint development of a prototype called xp.
- 895 years to build the cruiser would be the first, all in the end
-you can make light-duty convertible cars of aluminum at any time

In the early 1970 s, the use of aluminum in body is very unusual, but now already in production.
Many European external features used aluminum body and returned to the United States
Cobra implementation technology
. HoweverPutting aluminum into a production car is not yet complete if it can be completed with Chevrolet Corvette.Well, you can bet that others will follow suit

Field begins with Reynolds aluminum is used when a new 2036
- T4 aluminum, used to make XP body panels
-895The rest of the body will be transformed XP panel
- 882 chassis, the potential of gm didn't use
. The final production of an Corvette, is, in fact, aluminum except for tyres., glassIndoors, and other materials
.But the end result looks great
The prototype has a major problem in the manufacturing process.Because the new aluminum soft and elastic
, the body must be spot welded, and many parts will eventually be thicker than expectedIn addition, the designer must also use special epoxy resin to increase the strength and fill the cracks, the cracks without being noticed, collects dirt and salt.
.Making the actual Corvette line into an all aluminum factions will prove to be a great career and a huge cost
But gm had faced this challenge "as the first year Vette almost all handmade, because 1953 glass fiber technology is not 19 years later
In fact, this is a can realize the idea.
.1972- 895 will prove to be a great Corvette may look and feel of whether there is indeed a complete line
Corvette Aluminum SupercarThe idea of, but eventually will gradually disappear
Reason comes down to simple math
.Covitt sold well in 1973 and 1974, so there's really no need to start the all-aluminium era.When it down
, general figures do not add up to start from scratch model has proved its value, and then some
.In 1974, even the most support for xp
- 895 gm to abandon aluminium body parameter and the car will eventually drop another prototype, never corvette

As for the Corvette line itself,It will continue to enjoy the same style and same fiberglass material of the body, it has always been, this tradition still stands today

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