aluminium ceiling panel Why Are Tin Ceilings So Popular Today?

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
It is said that it has become "again"Itself function, become fashion again
Maybe it's because it's very smart from the start
Introducing market fashion style of modern thought

But the styling that used to be popular always goes back to modern culture.Tin ceiling is the concept of example.
.Tin ceiling popular led ceiling decoration in the early 1900 s as an affordable alternative to expensive
Gypsum, art
And .

The industrialization of the manufacturing industry has enabled complex plaster and decorative plaster decorations to be accurately replicated in Duxigang

Tin-----------------------------------------------------------------------Can focus on production, but tin ceiling panel custom stick a fraction of the cost of the ceiling
. Also, tin ceiling installation can be done in a day.
Gypsum ceiling tiles, custom took months or even years to complete
.Tin plating steel has the characteristics of an additional ceiling panel, for their popularity
. They have an hour's burn rating of 1300 degrees.Provide an effective fire retardent
In the early 20th century
Many shops and shops on the first floor have apartments on the second floor.Tin ceiling installation on the first floor to the second floor residents have enough time to escape the deadly fires
.These products of the same quality exist today at a low priceThank you for the tin ceiling company in America
Anyone can have a beautiful real tin ceiling
Using only the original American tin ceiling
010 the dial.
-Steel plated tin ceilings at the turn of the centuryRather than aluminum
Plastic or styrofoamThey use high
High and new technology and powder powder coating finish by dupont and TCI such industry leaders
. With this highEnd machining process
, their production in the United States is the most beautiful tin ceiling panel
Because the product is powder coating
, it is perfect
-areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens-Humid coastal climate

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