aluminium ceiling panel How To Correctly Clean Your Gas Stove

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
It is important to know how to properly clean your gas stoveAny operation before cleaning and maintenance must be disconnected from the grid equipment
.When the equipment is not used
Natural gas pipeline, it is suggested that remain closed

You need to check it from time to ensure that the flexible pipe connecting the gas pipe or cylinder to the electrical appliance is in perfect conditionIn the end, if it has signs of wear and tear or damage, you will have to change it.
Gas lubricated valve should be done only an expert
If a faucet become stiff
Don't force it.

I'd rather contact the local gas service center to help you repair it.Remember do not use cleaning products chloride or acid base
.All enameled part of gas cooker must use a sponge and soap and water or other detergent to clean.
Abrasive products
With micro fiber dry or soft cloth
. An acidic food, such as lemon juice., tomato sauce,
, vinegar etc.
And .

If you stay too long, you 'll damage the enamel.So be sure to delete these foods as soon as possible, in order to avoid any damage
.Food that burns on a hot plate must be dry-cleaned regularlyDon't use water, because it can lead to rust.
After using
, on the contrary, pour a little oil to the warm plate, with a piece of cloth to wipe clean burning food on a hot plate
.When it comes to the stainless steel and aluminum parts, whether they are paint or silk.
-screen printed surfacUse a suitable product, you need to clean it

And it must always be thoroughly dry.These parts must be clean to prevent scratches and wear very carefully
Proposal with a soft cloth and mild soap
. Be careful not to use abrasives or non-abrasivesNeutral detergent, because these information will cause irreparable damage to protect the surface
.Stainless steel plate
N. gas stove, gas stove;
That sign
The door and floor of the furnace are protected by fingers-Imprint paint.In order to avoid damage the paint
Clean stainless steel, do not use abrasive cleaning agents
, abrasive cloth or pads

Clean the stainless steel surface of the gas range with soap and warm wate.Gas burner can be deleted, just clean with soap and water
If cleaning is typically used for silver products, they will continue to be perfect.
After cleaning or washing the burner
And check the burner
-cover and burneHead to do before them in their respective positions
.It's easy to let your gas equipment clean especially if you often to do so
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