aluminium ceiling panel Ceiling Cladding

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
Have you tried to paint the ceiling, is the ceiling deformed?If you have you will know that it is not fun, can special problems in the bathroom because humidity is higher, often appear in the room
, which means that the ceiling need constant attention.
.But there is a solution
The ceiling coating is easy to install and does not require any maintenance workNo matter how high humidity of the room, how many condensation occurred, covering all looks great in a few years.
.The installation
- cover is very easy to install on the ceiling
This process is also quite rapid and there are no complications.

It can even be mounted directly on top of an existing cover, such as gypsum, gypsum and lath or artex
However, more fragile like ceramic tile coverings
) suggest to delete before installation
If removing is a problem, you can still use mechanical fixtures to attach the coating to it.(long staples
, screws or nails
).If it is installed in a new build, it is ideal for product use.Because it can be installed do not need to gypsum
, directly to the plasterboard.This saves money
, mess, energy and time
.If the cap is not evenly coated still can install layering
, the simplest method is to use a stapler and adhesives.

Staples are used only to maintain the position of the adhesive, and the adhesive has time to set up.It is important to note that this depends on the direction you want the ceiling cladding
, may require a different number of panels

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