aluminium ceiling panel Best Building Plan for Outdoor Saunas

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
It is considered a good way to relax and purify the contaminants of the body as well as load with other health benefits.Building an outdoor sauna is advantageous as it ensures you keep the layout of your house and still have a place to relax,Leave, but near your usual residence.This is also relatively easy and explains the outdoor sauna plan in the guide below.First consider the building size to be used.Let the sauna occupy an area less than 10' X 10' to avoid the need to obtain a building permit, such as in the case of more than a hundred square feet.However,Verify this information with your local building-The inspection authority can do it to ensure.The best size to use is 8'x 12', which will allow you to have three rooms in your sauna:Entrance and storage room for your wood as sauna fuel,A dressing room and the sauna itself.Let the height of the sauna be less than 7 feet to avoid the waste of heat.There is a smaller room that ensures a more efficient heating as well as allows the use of a smaller heater and smaller breaker in your panel.The layout of the room is also important.In order to better lay out the benches to be used,There are heaters and doors adjacent to a long wall.The 6 feet is allowed in a sauna in at least one direction, and if you prefer to lie on it, the bench layout is usually the upper bench with 19 "depth and height of 38" and the 19 "lower bench.Shorter doors,Opening with 26 "X 78" including frame and doorIt is also used to protect the heat in the sauna.The door should also be outside the sauna,Never go inside.The interior of the sauna should be made of cedar,It does not change color, not many other types of wood, although the sealant is still recommended.Cedar is also stable, rather than other types of wood expanding and shrinking at different temperatures.Using wood with knots can cause burns in the sauna, so it is important to get clear wood for the inside of your sauna.The outdoor sauna also requires good insulation and good heat source.The lowest insulation is-Factor of R-11 for walls and yes-Fiberglass bats are essential for ceiling use.Do not use a polystyrene foam board, because gases such as formaldehyde will be exposed by the board to a higher temperature in the sauna.Thermal energy in outdoor saunas is often provided by Wood-Burning sauna heater.Ensure that the chimney is well installed and passed inspection by local authorities to properly spread smoke from wood.Also,If you plan to use an outdoor sauna all year round, it is not recommended to purchase an outdoor infrared heater,Outdoor infrared heaterNot working in winter.Proper air flow is a necessary sauna to ensure that the user has a good supply of oxygen and also to prevent the fire itself from burning requires the introduction of fresh air, can be done by leaving about 1 "air space between the floor and the bottom of the sauna door or installing non-Adjustable vent heater under wall.The adjustable vent should also be installed on the wall opposite the vent to ensure proper air circulation and equal heat distribution.The exhaust port can be installed anywhere from 48 "to 54" from the floor of the sauna.The exhaust port should have a sliding door to control the air volume entering the room.It is recommended to put this vent in the range of your upper bench arm so that you can adjust the air circulation from the bench while relaxing.Using the aluminum foil vapor barrier,Rather than traditional polyethylene housing construction is also recommended.Seal the aluminum foil vapor barrier with aluminum foil tape, and the effect is good.Cover the foil loosely in the corner as it will shrink with heating and cooling.Do not stretch like traditional polyethylene.The drainage of the outdoor sauna is often unnecessary as only enough water is converted to steam and needs to be poured over the rock.If in the pool on the floor, then the excess water is used, however,If you plan to flush the sauna frequently, drainage can be installed.Outdoor sauna lights,As well as other saunas are generally made specifically for high function-moisture,high-Temperature environment.The use of conventional lighting methods should not be done.Additional fixtures can also be installed to add lighting in previous dark areas.The extra light is usually installed under 3 "and the bench above meets the sauna wall.These lights are often operated by dimming switches, so can be adjusted according to the user's mood.With this plan, it is definitely relatively easy to construct your own outdoor sauna today.
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