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Advanced technology,continuous innovation


Advanced technology,continuous innovation

The hyperbolic aluminum veneer is a combination of two different arcs on the same panel (from a different center of the circle, divided into arcs drawn by two radii), the conventional hyperbolic production method is to first engrave wood with a 3D engraving machine. Release the body, make a pair of (2 pieces) mother-wood molds corresponding to the curved three-dimensional surface, then use the mother-wood mold to sandwich the aluminum plate, press the plate to the corresponding curvature with high pressure, then machine trim, weld trimming and shaping . The entire processing process is very complicated, and the hardware and software of the aluminum veneer manufacturers have high requirements. The process and difficulty of the hyperbolic aluminum veneer and the spherical aluminum veneer are gradually complicated. First, the overall curvature calculation is performed, and then the laser is seamlessly welded, polished and polished to form a curved surface or a spherical body, and the entire processing process and Subsequent surface finishes are time consuming and labor intensive. Thickness requirement: 2.5mm or more, required to withstand high temperature incineration, anti-hammering, good ductility, aluminum plate, no burr on the surface, no obvious scars. Applicable occasions: spherical molding process aluminum plate, stadium curtain ball, large semi-spherical dome in the exhibition hall, curved double curved wall and so on.




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