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Modeling aluminum veneer

Modeling aluminum veneer

Modeling aluminum veneer

Modeling aluminum veneer
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1. With the assistance of our state-of-the-art technology and proficient team members, Carlos aluminum panels for buildings has delicate workmanship. Different types of ceiling products allow more choices to decorate buildings
2. The use of this product means saving time and labor costs. Thanks to its high efficiency, it can quickly finish tasks that people can not do. Our products have all passed the certification of ISO 9001 and environmental system of ISO 14001
3. The product can stand up strong disinfectants. Its specially coated metal materials make it effectively withstand disinfection environments. Our products are sold with competitive price with discount
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Modeling aluminum veneer
Shape aluminum combines a variety of molding processes, aluminum veneer is the most difficult one shaped plate. We create a high precision molding board, the surface is smooth, sewn precision and can be customized plans to order and so on. Modeling aluminum with a unique shape to the building a refreshing visual enjoyment. From the tile, aluminum veneer, aluminum modeling, heritage and evolution all the way to reflect the innovation and pursuit of products; design and development of aluminum plate for the architectural design provides a creative design and visual feast, its birth will be The darling of decorative materials, is a challenge to the traditional process and a breakthrough! It is more commonly used high-grade commercial and residential building materials!


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1. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. has accumulated much aluminium cladding panels production experience during their development.
2. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. ensure aluminum panels for buildings service for its costumers. Call!
Fun radio to play with. Never had any problems and just work as needed.
Unit transmits 1 mile in all directions. Better than expected.
Nicest case I ever had
Amazing looking with tons of room. Upgraded my setup from an Antec 900 and the difference is night and day. Great cable management and covered PSU compartment make it a breeze for a super clean build. Wider than I expected but that's not a bad thing as you've got plenty of room for larger components and heat sinks. Glass siding is slightly tinted and gives the case a very upscale feel. My first Phanteks case and won't be my last. Highly recommended.
I'm using this panel on my boat. Quality seems good. Only two little things I'd change if I was building it myself. 1. The Voltmeter is on all the time, it is very bright in the cabin of the boat at night. Easy to rewire so it comes on with my instrument switch. 2. All the circuit breakers are 5A. Just barely enough for a 25W VHF Radio. A couple of 10A or 15A breakers would be nice. The total capacity of the panel is 5A x 6 = 30A so bigger breakers might require a larger guage 12V+ feed wire. Easy enough to use the switches to control relays for high amperage circuits. I'm happy with the product and I love the option of having Green LEDs for illumination. You can't go wrong for the price!
Everything I was wanting, just beat up in shipping,
xa0Huge fan of this case. First PC build in a long time and this made it a breeze. Cable management is superior and the 2 included 140mm and halos made the RGB craze snowball.
Great item works well needs better shrink wrap type connections to withstand boat type applications.
Great product
I already purchased the acrylic window version of this case and wanted to get another for myself and went with the tempered glass version. The case has plenty of room for cable management behind the motherboard tray to hide all wires. The 'basement' hides any power supply wires while still showing the side of the power supply(if you want to show it off). There are dust filters on the intake and top of the case and also a filter for the power supply. There is room for water cooling radiators if that is what you want to do. It is a lot of case for what you pay, a real good value. The one drawback is the glass is tinted, so if you want to show off the inside you will need some accent lighting. Fyi, the acrylic version is not tinted. If you want good value and a clean looking build, this is a good choice. I highly recommend this case
Lovely item, very well made, and has a feel of quality about it. Purchased for a switch panel in the front of a luxury ambulance. Will post a picture once installed.
I'm an ex-broadcast engineer looking for something I could play around with at home and boy did I find it. Here are my thoughts in no particular order: 1. It is illegal to operate this unit in the continental US at high OR low power. 2. The unit doesn't allow you to select your frequency before it starts transmitter so be careful to not leave the unit on a frequency used by a station in your area. 3. Others have complained about static and bad audio: Two things, DON'T run your audio source into the MIC jack. You also want to use the "line" volume knob carefully. If there is noise, static or over driven audio, then back down the input level. This unit sounds very good if setup properly. 4. Audio input isn't flat, the low end is a bit punchy so if you have the ability to back down the bass on your source you should be able to have a good sound profile. 5. The supplied antenna is nice. As a previous broadcast engineer, I would NOT run this unit at high power into the supplied antenna as the match is not good and with time it will damage the amplifier in the transmitter. You may want to consider purchasing a 50 Ohm antenna to use with this if you plan to use it at 7 Watts. 6. As other's have noted, the internal fan is annoying. It would be seriously annoying to run this indoors because the pitch of noise coming off it is nasty. 7. And last but not least, despite my review title this is NOT a toy and if used improperly you could get injured. BE CAREFUL!
Let me start out by saying that the overall design of the case is beautiful. Magnificent. However, as with any mass produced item, your mileage may vary; The imperfections I list are ones that my case has, and does not reflect the case others may receive. First off, the mount the case provides for the Phanteks Fan Hub was botched. I was only able to screw in one screw, as the hole provided for the other screw seemed to "cave" toward the point of entry. Also, one of the mounting screws for the glass panel does not properly line up like the other three. This leaves a little bit of a gap between the glass panel and the case. I will provide a picture, but it was the clearest picture I could take. One of the four screws for the SSD tray in the back is literally stuck. This last point is mostly out of preference, but I would've preferred a little bit more space in the back panel; putting on the back panel is a bit of a struggle.
This thing is loud, but I knew that going in so it doesn't affect my review. I hooked this thing up to my Apple AirportExpress and now AirPlay from iTunes on my desktop. I can then tune any radio in my house or on my property or even in the park nearby to my own personal radio station. The effective range on low is a little less than a quarter mile. Haven't had a need to use the high power. Now anytime I want to add a set of speakers for a room, I go to Goodwill and buy a nice stereo with a broken CD player, but a perfectly functional radio for less than $10. So, for less than the cost of a single Sonos speaker you can wire your whole house for sound. Instructions are pretty sparse but setup was really easy. Shipping was exactly as expected. A little advice about use. Technically this thing is illegal because even at the lowest power it's twice as powerful than what is allowed by the FCC for private use. The only time it ever really becomes an issue is if you are interfering with another LICENSED low power radio station. Most of those are churches so if you avoid use during services, it's doubtful you'll ever have any issues.
This case had everything I needed. Room for 6 fans, full size board, CD R/W, I have 3 SSD and 1 HHD installed, front, top and bottom filters. The side glass is framed which is nice. Air flow is no problem in this case. Has offset radiator top fan bracket, and reservoir brackets for liquid cooling.
Very well made. Lots of space and good airflow. Purchased an extra Phanteks 140mm fan and no problems running a 2700x. Only criticism would be the top fan/radiator pull out bracket. Its convenient but there are too many screws to take out when you need to change a fan. Otherwise a great purchase.
these water evaporators are the best
Your average mild tempered case
I bought this item and installed it over the course of two days, with a total install time of about 3-4 hours (I have no experience installing insulation of any kind). The pictures on the website show it installed in the garage door panels itself, and the instruction sheet shows it being taped to the framework of the garage door. I chose the instruction sheet. My garage temp normally sits 20*F warmer than the outside air. The box came with 4 individual rolls and nice big roll of double sided tape. 1. I cleaned the surfaces of I was going to tape with automobile window cleaner (methyl alcohol) and a microfiber cloth. 2. I then taped all horizontal (top and bottom of the panels) and then all vertical surfaces. 3. I then pulled all the double sided tape paper off the top of the panel I was working on and rolled the insulation out on it. I used a razor blade when I encountered a joint, and a made a vertical slit on each side, and then continued rolling and mating the top of the insulation with the exposed tape. 4. Getting to the end of the roll of insulation, I cut off the excess, and then ran my hand back across the top to ensure the surfaces were all touching. 5. I then lifted the garage door to my height and started peeling off the vertical tape strips paper (a nice slow steady pull and some tweezers get you started easily) and then the bottom of the panel horizontal strips. When all the strips for the panel were removed, leaving only the exposed double sided tape, I pressed it all on and then double checked to ensure there was nothing I had no pressed it onto. 6. Then you trim off the excess on the bottom if you have any and move upward to the next panel.
This product is fantastic. Where we live very hot and humid summertime and when you step out in Garage feels like an oven. This insulation brought the temperature down by at least 15 degrees
This product is great and easy to install for 2 people. The temp outside is 35 degrees and my garage is 58 degrees. We needed a new panel due to incorrect installation and marking. The CEO of the company was great and sent out new panels immediately. Wonderful to deal with.
It won't drastically cool your garage, but it will knock 20 degrees off the interior temp.
Went on easily. My installation looks as tidy as the advertisement.
Great product it covered my garage door perfect
Improved the temperature in our garage by 15-20 degrees so far this winter. Can’t wait to see the difference in the summer. Would definitely recommend this.
This does work and will increase winter temps in garage. Take your time installing and you will be happy
Just as described fast delivery great product!
already notice a difference in garage temps with this installed.
Installed in 2 hours, with one persons help. Spare material included in case you mess up something. Would be very difficult to install alone I think. No skill or experience necessary though!
The wife and I decided to tackle this and it turned out to be much better than wallpapering or canoeing together. She is good with scissors so the cuts came out perfect. We attached the tape and then the insulation about 6 monrhs ago. Still in place and in good shape. Could'nt believe how light the box was when it arrived. Only about 5 pounds with all instructions. The only thing I wish I had done was put a thermometer in the garage for a before and after for comparison purposes. We are pretty well shaded so I think the big benefit may be in the winter. Attached is photo taken 10/26/16.
First hint - I missed this but if you want 2 monitors buy 2 single monitor systems and get the 2nd outdoor unit (camera) and an additional cable for $2 extra (Date 9-17-2018) Cable Problem: The cable from inside to outside is only 15 feet. And there is no cable included between inside units (Monitors) if you bought the two monitor system. But you are luck their cable requirements are wrong: RVV4*0.30mm cable or CAT network cable for 30m(95feet) between camera and monitor, RVV4*0.50mm cable for 50m(150feet), RVV4*1.0 mm cable for 100m(320feet), *** Normal CAT 5 is #24 ga & diameter of .51mm per wire, 8 wires *** So CAT 5 will work for for 50m(150feet), If you don't use the lock function connect each CAT 5 wire pairs together for 4 wires . Then you get 70m(210 feet) The same between 2 inside monitors since there is no cable supplied. There are extra connectors and pigtails to use with CAT5 also. Hint - THe manual is too small & almost unreadable. Ask for a manual by Email so you can blow it up and see it on your monitor and print it larger also. Other than that it works well after you learn the system.
Buen producto tal como lo describieron
Much better than a network cam, good clear pix.
I've put together maybe 12 - 14 PC's for myself over the past few years. I have YET to find something of the quality of this case at its price point. Helped a friend spend $2K on her build, and her number one rqmt was "silence". This case delivers. If "quiet" from MGSV built a PC, she would choose this case. PRO: 1) AMAZINGLY quiet. I selected this for a friend who had QUIET as her primary concern. This case delivers. 2) Power and other cable routing. Excellent. All o/t PSU cables go out, behind, and in - very nice. 3) interior space. SO - here's the really cool item. Mainboards today have an 8 pin power connector as well as the main 24 pin connector. They are often in the "upper left corner", facing the case, backplane on the left. First time through, I just plugged everything in to make sure it all worked. So, when I was finishing this case off, I was capable of reaching in past the monster CPU cooler I bought, unplug the 8 pin power, and re route without needing to get my 14 yr old teenager who has smaller hands to plug it in. Or make a blood sacrifice. Very nice. 4) the Backplane screws ACTUALLY FIT AND work, been having problems w/my two recent $50 cases (no more Antec for me...) 5) front door makes a very nice seal/closure. Con's 1) the USB connectors and power buttons are flat across the top, flush. if you put something on the case, you could turn it off. 2) UPDATE: The one I bought for my current build has the glass side panel. Don't do this is quiet computing is your desire. Since the side panel is closest to all of the fans. w/o the sound deadening material, the case is noisier enough to notice. Not sure I'd detect this if I hadn't bought the full sound deadening version for someone else though. Much quieter than my other stuff, though. I like this soooooo much I am likely to replace my other two ... recent ... purchases .... with two of these, they are just soooooo quieeettttt....
First, I absolutely love this case. It's solidly built and dampens noise well. Cable management is quite good due to the large number of rubber covered cable management holes. There are also ample filters, and you can mount up to a 140mm fan anywhere you can install a fan. It's also a very quiet case However, there are some things I cannot in good conscience post this review without talking about. 1. This case is HEAVY. This is due to the dense noise dampening material. If flying with this case, remove the side panel and place in separate bag to keep from desperate repacking of your suitcases 2. The PCI slot covers seem to be cheaply made. However, I am actually glad they cheaped out on these in order to keep the price down and focus on the other components. 3. There are no SSD only sleds. While this is not an issue, it would have been nice to have one in order to proudly display your SSD. 4. The PCI slot plate has rivets that protrude out about three millimeters above the slot cover screws. While it will most likely not be an issue for most people, if you intend to get an acrylic GPU brace such as the Emperor's Magic Universal Acrylic GPU brace, you will have to do a bit of filing to be able to install it. It took about two hours for me to do this. 5. There is no PSU cable hider. While most won't mind, it would have been a nice touch. 6. Cable management, although made easier with the rubber covered cable management holes, CAN be a bit difficult as the noise insulating padding does not allow for much clearance. PLAN YOUR CABLE MANAGEMENT. Seriously. This should take the majority of your build time. The side panel is flat. A bulging panel is not something to be desired. As a custom rig builder in an electronics repair shop, this is what I mainly focus on. An amateur makes a rat's nest. A professional hides his cables and plans his cable management. A fully modular PSU with flat cables is ideal. 7. There are only three Hard Drive sleds. Once again, this should be a nonissue, but if you want many hard drives, buy some more. Personally, I removed the sled cage and mounted my drives in the rear. A redeeming feature of this particular item is you can use each of the 5.25 inch bays to store either a single 3.5 inch Hard Drive or 2 2.5 inch drives (Laptop HDD's or desktop/laptop SSD's) That's it. I highly recommend this case to pretty much anyone wanting to build a desktop PC and has a basic understanding of building
Really love the case but got off to weird start. The mounting holes for the 3.5 drive just do not line up all the way. Could only use 2? across from each other.All four or even 3 do not line up even close? Spent so much time head scratching on that. The only other thing was the chassi fan in the back did not start. Glad for the top vent as could see it not moving. Turned it slowly and it started so will see if it starts after that. The removable mesh filters are too dense to let hot air escape in real time if things get warm to hot. Looks like old speaker grill mesh. But happy it comes right off. Lost an expensive Lenovo computer that used that and by the time I realized inside was burning up was too late and circuitry had been permanently damaged. What a DEAL
I bought this case as the starting point for my first-ever PC build. I have to say, I love it! It's got a very subtle yet serious look about it, and the tempered glass window allows a good look at the insides which I spend time looking at more often than I'd like to admit. It has tons of room behind the motherboard for cable management and looks very clean. It easily swallows up my: MSI Z390 Gaming Edge RTX 2080 Founder's Edition DeepCool GAMMAXX GT CPU Cooler (5) Noctua NF-A14 Case Fans The only thing that I didn't like about this case were the included fans. My build is intentionally RGB-free so the blue-ring fan had to go along with the other included fan which moves very little air. This is excusable in my mind because increasing the number or quality of the fans would have undoubtedly increased the price significantly. (In total I have spent nearly $200 on CPU and case fans!) After much experimentation I ended up with 4 fans blowing air out the top and back and one on the bottom sucking in air and blowing it directly on my RTX 2080. This setup has served me well so far and examining the dust built up on the intakes on the front of the case (where I have no fans) it is definitely moving a lot of air. One other thing that I noticed is that the fact that this does not come with a power supply cover is not a bad thing at all. It allows you to install whatever size power supply you want and allows for up to two fans to be installed along the bottom of the case. All in all, I am very happy with this case and would recommend it to just about anyone building a PC.
I have been a Corsair guy for most of my builds as I am a higher end system builder and gamer as well. I have always been impressed with the quality of Corsair builds. Now you ask, why do I give that intro...I will admit, I was a bit nervous about this case as I needed a smaller quiet case for a build and Corsair did t really offer what I was looking for. I gave it a shot and was so impressed by this case I purchased one for myself. I did change out all the fans. For my h115 I am using the noctua 3000rpm fans and for the 3 other fans I purchased the Corsair maglev fans. In my situation, it is fitting into a hutch area with a small amount of space for top and rear exhaust. It still performs very admirably. I am going to remove the feet and flip my psu for better overall airflow. I would recommend this case to anyone.
This case provides plenty of room for cable management and a CPU water cooling unit. It also has a very sturdy look and feel. It has some quality-of-life features I rarely see on or in other cases, including the magnetic door, the padded walls, and the pre-installed front HDD fan. It also has 4 front USB ports, two of which are USB 2.0, so if you don't have a USB 3.0 compatible motherboard, that could be a godsend until you can afford to upgrade. My plans are to upgrade to a new motherboard and processor in about one month, but for now, I am happy to use this case with old parts. There are always some cons to cases, so I'll list a few I found: 1. The power supply slot is slightly smaller than I'd like. I had to use a lot of force to get my old CX600M to fit into the case enough to screw it in. 2. The front door could be more useful. It only serves as a protector or shield right now to prevent me from accidentally ejecting my DVDs. It could also be handy as an extra barrier to block noise. I think the door should have more functionality, though. Perhaps a temperature meter or a fan controller or just an optional opening to have such a thing added? As is, it's just a plain ol' door. 3. The case blocks some noise but isn't going to make your rig silent like its name, "Suppressor", suggests. I recommend using the included pads to add some smooshiness to the screws on the fans.
I bought the case sight-unseen, so I was surprised by how large it is compared to other mid-tower cases. Other than that, the design and build quality of the case are second to none. The side panel glass is sculpted to the shape of the filters and outer aluminum shell, which is a detail that I have not seen on other cases. In addition, the only plastic I could find in the case was a few flexible clips used to retain the front and top panels--the rest of the body is either glass or metal. While this means the case is heavy, it also means it's durable and impressive to look at. There was plenty of room inside to tuck cables and hard drives out of the way, and there's a provision for a vertical GPU mount (which I didn't use). I put together an ATX Z390 build with an i9-9900k, OC GTX 1080, and Corsair H100i Pro, and cooling/space is no issue. Clearly, at over $200, this is not a budget case and won't appeal to PC builders on a budget. However, if you're looking for (in my opinion) the best looking case on the market with build quality to back it up, this is the one to get, and I recommend it without hesitation.
Pro's for this product include: * Great looking case with HUGE side window made of glass. * Incredible case that provides more room and options than anything else in this price range. * There is an abundance of space behind the motherboard tray for cable routing. * The fan mounting options are downright awesome and provide way more space than any case I was interested in (see other thoughts below). * The ability to hide 3 3.5" HDD or 2.5" SSD behind the motherboard tray is great and frees up the interior for air flow. * The 2 5.25" drive bays is not matched by any current product from anybody. I have a DVD drive and added an ICY DOCK 4 x 2.5” HDD / SSD Bracket Mount Kit Adapter for 5.25” Drive Bay. That gives me 3 full HDD and 4 SSD mounting locations and a DVD drive. * All fan spots have filters to keep out the dust. * If you want quiet over performance, then there are included noise dampening panels for the top. You can't install fans in locations with the panels though. * Thermaltake customer service is excellent. They provided a replacement front filter/fan cover when the latch on mine broke. I hope this was a freak thing and does not continue to plague the case. Con's for this product include: * Case is bulky and heavier than a normal mid tower. * Would be nice if it had a USB 3 C type of adapter on the front panel. For now this is not an issue as the products that use these are minimal. * Not ideal for LAN party goers due to size, weight, and lack of handle. Other thoughts: I have the system configured like this: 1. Blue riing fan that is included I left in the rear location as shown in the image. 2. Moved the included front mounted 140mm fan to the top front position. 3. Removed the HDD cage. 4. Added 3 Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing 140mm fans (2 in front and 1 on bottom). 5. Installed Enermax LIQMAX II 240mm in the top behind the 140mm fan. 6. Added a strip of "Flexible LED Strip Lights,Blue,300 Units SMD 5050 LEDs,Waterproof,12 Volt LED Light Strips" along the bottom and back against the glass (see the attached photos). 7. Thermaltake Smart Pro RGB 750W PSU with the LED set to blue. The blue fan that was included and the blue power LED around the power switch all blend nicely with the added accessories. I highly recommend this case and would most definitely purchase it again.
First off this case is bigger than you think it is, much bigger than previous mid-towers I've had. After getting over that I came to appreciate the extra room and being able to route cables around behind the motherboard for a really clean-looking build. One word of caution, if you plan to install a water cooler in the front that's more than just a single-fan radiator you'll need to remove the drive bays as they're too close to the front to fit the radiator; easy fix but I wish I'd known that in advance. Overall it's a great case. Solid, practical, and very nice looking. Glad I bought it.
There's no slots for optical drives, though for the price this is a great choice for general layout & quality of construction. The sides aren't as flimsy as some cases costing much more, additionally there's a lower tunnel to help separate the power supply internally, a feature normally reserved for much more pricey cases.
Looking for a really decent but not over the top case to put your old or new parts in? This case is for you, alot of room to put tons of fans or liquid cooling, easy access to everything, everything comes apart real easily, no need to hurt your hands on this case, good room on back panel for wire management, case comes with a very nice 140mm blue fan in the back, mesh dust filters on top, bottom, and front, front is optional. Some parts of the case felt a little flimsy when screwing in everything but All in all very satisfied with this case.
This case is almost on par with a Fractal for metal thickness and over all functionality minus the sound deadening material. It has loads of cable room, like a metric butt ton. I would pay $50 for a window and $60 for glass. Airflow should be decent.My one niggle is the HDD/SSD placement is a little odd but overall damn impressive for less than $40.
Great case overall but I did have a couple issues. First, it needed a rivet as one of the factory installed rivets was improperly installed. The second issue is that the masterfan pros that I chose would strike the case at full speed. IDK if that's a fan issue or a case issue but all I did was cut some clear tubing and use it as spacers to get the fans away from the case slightly. The psu window is incredibly annoying... There's no need to see the psu on both sides and if the sticker isn't sized, shaped, and placed correctly for the case it will look awful. So I removed the psu sticker. Overall it is a good case and I'd gladly buy it again.
I think the F51 is quietly being phased out, so I'm not so sure this review will be a ton of help, but I'm pleased with this case. It can mount fairly large radiators at the top and, if you're willing to give up some drive bays, the front of the case. The rear can even support up to a 140 mm radiator for an all-in-one closed loop cooler.
I was concerned when i purchased the case. i wanted the unsuspecting looks, but was concerned bout the airflow with such little vent space on the front. after installing 3 120mm static pressure fans. i can tell you that airflow is no issue at all. 10/10 looks 10/10 features 10/10 airflow.
'mid' is still pretty big... Easily accommodated water cooling system, fans, two optical drives, 3HDDs and managed to hide the wiring! This is a very robust unit so I would not recommend it for anyone contemplating moving it often. I bought it because of the type of steel construction and the use of sound absorbing material. I got just what I needed on both counts. Even my wife thinks it looks good.
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