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Modeling aluminum veneer

Modeling aluminum veneer

Modeling aluminum veneer

Modeling aluminum veneer
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1. With the assistance of our state-of-the-art technology and proficient team members, Carlos aluminum panels for buildings has delicate workmanship. Different types of ceiling products allow more choices to decorate buildings
2. The use of this product means saving time and labor costs. Thanks to its high efficiency, it can quickly finish tasks that people can not do. Our products have all passed the certification of ISO 9001 and environmental system of ISO 14001
3. The product can stand up strong disinfectants. Its specially coated metal materials make it effectively withstand disinfection environments. Our products are sold with competitive price with discount
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Modeling aluminum veneer-1

Modeling aluminum veneer
Shape aluminum combines a variety of molding processes, aluminum veneer is the most difficult one shaped plate. We create a high precision molding board, the surface is smooth, sewn precision and can be customized plans to order and so on. Modeling aluminum with a unique shape to the building a refreshing visual enjoyment. From the tile, aluminum veneer, aluminum modeling, heritage and evolution all the way to reflect the innovation and pursuit of products; design and development of aluminum plate for the architectural design provides a creative design and visual feast, its birth will be The darling of decorative materials, is a challenge to the traditional process and a breakthrough! It is more commonly used high-grade commercial and residential building materials!


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Company Features
1. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. has accumulated much aluminium cladding panels production experience during their development.
2. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. ensure aluminum panels for buildings service for its costumers. Call!
Very beautiful lights and excellent craftsmanship. The metal material is very solid and the light is very sturdy on the ground. The assembly was very easy. I had some questions about the wiring and the seller was very prompt responding. I have not connected the wire in my yard, but I did check them indoor and the lights are adequately bright. I ordered 8-pack, shipping was fast and packaging was secure. I highly recommend the light and the seller.
I bought this for my garage door. Its 14 feet wide (i.e. a smaller double garage door), so one kit was enough to cover the whole space and have some bits left over. My handyman installed it and I think it took him may be an hr or so. He said the tape that came with is was useless - so I took a star off. But that aside, the product is very good. We installed it on a day during the week of the cyclone bomb in DC, when the temp outside was may be in the low teens, and right afterwards the garage felt significantly warmer - i would say at least a 10 to 15 degree difference. I have a carriage house/ studio on top of the garage - I put this insulation in place, so that the studio above can also be warmer in winter and cooler in summer w/o running up a huge bill. Btw its also pretty lightweight - my guess is less than 5 pounds. The weight is important because if you add a lot of extra weight to your garage door because of new insulation, you may need to upgrade your garage door opener motor to handle the heavier door better. That was not an issue with this product.
Very good product, Good for insulating garage doors.
Product works. Not cut for my garage door and the tape that comes with it is trash.
We have a smaller home with a south facing garage and our master bed/bath are over the top of the garage. Our garage was very hot in the summer and pretty cold in the winter. I was hoping this would help with our utilities a bit and help keep our bedroom cooler (very poor ductwork that ended up getting upgraded), but it seems the house is pretty well insulated from the garage and I haven't seen much difference. That being said, I'm still extremely happy I got this. Our garage was much warmer this winter (Utah) and much cooler this summer. The difference is significant. With the south sun beating down on our garage door all day it felt as hot or hotter than outside. Not anymore. It's way more comfortable to work out there now in summer and winter. I haven't actually measured the temperature difference, but I would guess 10-15 degrees warmer/cooler in winter/summer. My wife's car is kept in the garage and seems to be a much more comfortable temperature when you get in it to leave. If you spend much time in the garage I'd recommend this for sure. I looked at the foam inserts at Home Depot and they cost about $50 more to do my door (16x7), are much heavier (requiring door spring adjustment) and the R value is about half what these are. I didn't mount mine like the picture shows, but left the horizontal rolls uncut and left the air pockets in between to increase insulation value. I butted the ends together tightly so there's almost no gap between panels and haven't had any issues with it when opening or closing the door.
I had bad experience with a wireless door bell before I purchased this AMOCAM wired video doorbell. Every time it alerted me someone knocking the door, they had walked away 5 minutes ago. Therefore I decided to go with wired video doorbells and selected this one. Now I can see right away who are behind the door when they press the bell. Their faces appear on the screen clearly. There are many rings you can choose but I love only the second ring. However, pictures quality is not HD as my expectation. If this one can record motion, it will be more valuable.
Easy to instal if you can get a wire thru. Works as advertisedi
The camera is very small
So I have been building and working with PC's for as long as I can remember. I recently picked up the Suppressor F31 after a couple weeks of re-acquainting myself with the currently available case's as it has been a bit since I have purchased a case brand new. I decided on this case after my brother vehemently supported (And with good reason) the Fractal case line. Several things sold me on the case and kept me happy since I put it all together: 1 - The price - excellent cost to feature ratio. 2 - the sound dampening features - I tend to ignore the db of a fan and specifically focus on the performance and air it moves, so the added silencing of the case has been welcomed. 3. - The simplicity of the design - IMHO I don't want my computer to look like a sci-fi space ship or to look like some sex machine out of a Hentai cartoon, so the clean, simple and elegant design of the case drew my attention. 4. - HD mounting options - The ridiculous amount of Hard Disk mounting options that accompany this case is delightful. Especially once you account for the power supply cover ($20 from Thermaltake's Website, Mine is on it's way) which gives you 2 extra 2.5" (SSD) slots on top of the power supply enclosure in addition to the 8 already available possible Hard Drive locations and there is no way I was going to run out of mounting slots. 5. - 1.5" of cable management space behind the Motherboard tray - This is the most amount of space that I have seen in this size of case and means that if I want to go water cooled in the future I actually run tubing back there. As is, I have space for every cable and hardly any space is taken up. I even have my USB wireless AC adapter mounted inside the case back there running off of a 2 port USB-A hub connected directly to one of the USB headers on my mother board. I scrounged the hub off of the front panel of an old computer I had, so needless to say the hub is relatively large, but fits without a problem. 6. - Cooling Options!! - This case has by far the most adaptable cooling mount system of any that I've seen. Look up the specs (Not going to list them here), but whether it be air or water anything and everything will fit in this case. You could put up to 9 140mm fans (windowed version) in just the case itself. I'm going with 2 x 200mm Bitfenix Spectre Pro's on top, 1 x 200mm Thermaltake Pure in front, 1 x 140mm Thermaltake Riing RGB in the back and finally 2 x Coolermaster 120mm SickleFlow blues on the bottom. That's a good chunk of cooling for a simple home work computer. I was a little disappointed that stock it only came with 2 x 120mm TT-1225's which are being completely replaced anyways as they are a low end fan that provide only 41 cfm. I also feel like the case should have come with a fan hub right out of the box considering how many cooling options it has, but in reality adding a couple of fan cable splitters isn't going to break the bank, or even adding the NZXT digital fan controller as I have really isn't a horrible cost. Also I am glad that the case still has a couple of removable 5.25" bays. I know that the trend is currently toward 0 5.25" bays, such as NZXT's latest offering, and while I know that we will end up there eventually I still appreciate the idea of having them if I need them, and if I don't I can choose to remove them myself. I can't dock this case at all and I really dig it. I hope this at least helps someone that may be on the fence and stuck as to which case to choose. I went back and forth, over and over again for a couple of weeks between the NZXT S340, NZXT Phantom 240, Phanteks Enthoo Pro, Thermaltake Versa N21 and the Thermaltake Suppressor F31 before finally making up my mind and buying the Suppressor and I'm really glad that I did.
I picked up this case to replace my Corsair Carbide Air 240. This case is definitely a downgrade in terms of cooling; however, it is wide enough to fit the insanely wide EVGA 1070 FTW2 I purchased. First, building in the case was very easy. I was initially stumped on how to get off the front panel. It turns out you need to pull it off via a "handle" on the bottom. Other than that, It was a breeze to install all the different components. Tons of screws and extra standoffs are included. Second, the case only comes with one included 120mm fan (mounted on the rear, blowing out). I poached 3 additional fans from my old Corsair, and had no trouble mounting two on the front, and an exhaust on top. There's room for a third 120mm fan on the front, but it seems like it will only blow on the PSU; so, not sure what good that does me. Third, cable management is good, not great. The side panel where the wires get hidden can become cramped real quick. Also, I wish there were more notches along the edges of the case to tie down wires. Ultimately, these are small quibbles. Finally, my biggest complaint is the heat. Initially, I only had 3 fans installed due to the number of fan connectors on my mobo. GPU temps under load were in the high 70s. I got a fan splitter and installed the second exhaust fan, which brought the temps down to mid-70s. I wish I could get them a touch lower, but this is fine. Final verdict is this is this is a pretty good case for the price. EDIT: I did some tweaking to my GPU fan curves, and was able to get temps down to low/mid 60s under load! Revising review to 5 stars.
I put together a new system for my wife recently and I knew that it had to go in a new case. The last case I bought back in 2012 was terrible, looked cheap, had no filtration and the stock case fans were LOUD. (New, good fans would cost almost as much as this case alone!) I went with this Thermaltake case in MicroATX. I am geniunely surprised at now nice this thing is for the price point. It reminds me a lot of my Fractal Define S that I built my rig in. It's surprisingly similar in design with the flat, unassuming panels. Both side panels come off with thumbscrews, (but are not captured screws). There's a good amount of room behind the motherboard for cable management. If you don't get a modular power supply there's also a decent amount of room to stuff excess cabling in the "basement" area. There's plenty of room for custom or AIO water cooling, although the system I built is all air-cooled. It comes with a single 240mm exhaust fan in the rear. There's room for 3 intake fans up front and another intake or exhaust fan up top. The included fan is very quiet and I don't have a desire to rip it out anytime soon. There's a screen filter in the front, one under the power supply, and one up top that holds in place with magnets. Directions are very, very sparse. If you are unfamiliar with building your own system you may need help or tutorials, but for a veteran everything is very obvious and straightforward. Build quality seems right in line with the price of the case; my only complaint is that I wish the cutouts for the cable management were grommeted. Bottom-line verdict: if you have $40 and need a MicroATX case with room for long GPUs and liquid cooling, you can't really go wrong.
Best budget case for under $40 USD. Other cases in this price range are not the gaming type. What I mean is that this budget case has a PSU shroud, holes on the motherboard tray to route cables cleanly and the back has lots of clearance for cables. Also other budget cases in this price range are really flimsy, mostly the side panels. This case has an ok side panel, not too flimsy so that was a plus. The front panel comes off completely with enough room for 2 120mm or 2 140mm fans. It says 3 120mm but the wires that connect to the USBs, Audio and USB 3.0 get in the way of the third fan. If you want to put a a radiator on it you have to put fans on the outside and the rad inside the case. The only that thing bothered me was the shield cover for the back of the GPU screws would not hold or screw back tightly. They could have fixed this by just using 2 screws to hold it in place. The clips on it don't clip back into the case, and if I install it vibrates so I have to take it off. The best budget case for this price though. Lots of good features, the ssd mounts are awesome as well, they come with anti vibration screws.
I decided to build a computer for the first time in about 12 years recently. While looking for a case I wanted three things: 1) To not look like something out of "The Fast and the Furious"; 2) Quiet; 3) Cheap This case meets all three requirements. It's pretty quiet (muffles the hum of the 1070ti inside) and looks more like a miniature wine fridge than a gaming desktop. Also reasonably priced relative to other cases I've bought in the past. Cable management features were a pleasant surprise, though there weren't nooks and crannies and things to zip tie to for all of the cables present. There were a couple things I didn't quite like. The extra motherboard standoffs were tricky to put in without cross-threading. I ended up just getting a wrench and a socket and brute forced them in (oh well). And, like other reviewers have mentioned, the front USB ports and power/reset buttons are flush with the top. It's pretty easy to accidentally hit one of the buttons while connecting/disconnecting things.
The case is good just beware if you have a motherboard with that ugly plastic crap that has zero usefulness that sticks up it'll be way to tight III for you want a radiator up top.. updated modded case by cutting out CD drive slot and cut out some other metal to mount 3 149 mm fans up top. A good pair of aviator snios easy to cut out the metal. I also added four fans to the front and back of course radiator.
The case is very open, and offers amazing cable management for a mid-tower case. The Phanteks staps help a ton, and not to mention, the basement. You have a spot to wire your gpu with ease. For the top, there is a pull out mount, for easily mounting radiators, which I was able to do with my 280mm H115i Water cooler. Only had to take out the top bays. The tempered glass panel adds to the perfection of this $100 case.
This company has all the kinks worked out. If you’re looking for a quiet and easy to use case with good airflow, this is it.
Holy moly this case is sexy and at a pretty cheap price. Fits everything needed.
Really enjoying this case, it makes my whole build look very expensive with the glass panel, only problem i have is that i only found 3 screw instead of 4 for the glass panel other than that everything works well from the preinstalled standoffs to the 2 included 240mm fans and very accessible filters :)
Awesome case, haven’t had any issues so far. First build in a case other than a Corsair and I am happy with the purchase.
Best Tempered Glass Case for the Money. easy to build in and customizable to your build 10/10
Great case! The tempered glass is very nice, easy to disassemble and plenty of room to work in. The only issue I have is that there is no exhaust fan on the back of the case, but that is really a non-issue since I can by the rgb mount and matching fan for around $25. Magnetic dust covers over the vents is a very nice touch and cable management looks to be a breeze.
Very simple and elegant. I am new to showcasing through glass but as a first time purchase, this exceeded expectations. Comes with 2 fans too. This is my first case purchase but I really like it.
Great case with great build quality.
Great cable management and actually shows off the brand of your psu
Love this case. Lots of room and the cable management area it ample enough.
Amazing case for the price
Case works well and looks great! One con, I have a newer motherboard so the older pin connecter for the case USB dosent match up with mine. Maybe need an adapter?
This case is great and is roomy especially if you dont use a dvd drive. Wire management is great but using sata wires r still a pain bc they are hard to tuck in the back. Wanted the grey case but they dont carry it anymore but black is classic. There is no reset button, that button changes the power but color. This is an rgb dream case.
Case feels like it's made solidly. Has nice space for cable management along with ample access ports to run the cabling. The tempered glass side allows for great views of your have RGB setup
Probably one of the best mid cases available right now. Phanteks does it again. They don't neglect HDD trays (which are hidden away in the back) and there are optional expansion slots for more HDD or SSD bays to be mounted. Otherwise, you get 2 HDD trays and 3 SSD mounting areas standard (although only 1 SSD bracket is included). Beautiful open case design for maximizing air flow. Great for an enthusiast on a realistic budget.
Veryy sturdy that's for sure!~~
We ordered 6 filters. 5 of the filters were fine. But on examination, one of the six, the box had no top, and the filter was damaged. Recommend you examine the package carefully. We were purchasing a three year supply. The first two we used immediately and they were fine. When finally putting the remainder on the shelf for storage we noticed the damaged one.
I recently built a budget gaming computer using this case and so far I am very happy with it. The materials seem to be high quality, and the case looks very nice. It is a very subtle look, but that was the style I was going for. The inlet and exhaust fans seem to work well, I haven't had any problems with overheating components and the airflow seems to be very good inside the case.
In the the user manual that comes with it it says you can fit 3 120mm fans in the front, this is false. Because of the front panel cables at the top you can fit a max of two 120 or two 140mm fans in the front. It comes with one exhaust fan in the back and a spot for another fan at the top. On the front the airflow inside the case is sub-par. The front panel offers ventilation only on the sides which are about half an inch wide down the length of the panel, though on the inside you can see that the flow through these cracks is extremely limited and there will no air that hits directly on the fans.
Great case - I made the mistake of buying a CPU cooler whose radiator + fans was too thick to mount upward. Definitely something to be careful of. I've got it front mounted, and that works really well. Just thought an H100i might fit up top.
I'm very surprised by how much quieter my computer is now with this case. I do a lot of audio recording and my computer is no longer an issue. The design is very simple and sleek which makes it easy to wipe the dust. Though its size can be beneficial for installing large video cards and cooling fans, on the outside it occupies a lot of space.
plenty of room mainly setup for SSD drives very happy with it and it hides the wires well.
Great value for the price made very well easy to build in.
the panels are held together with thumbscrews to make the process of taking them on and off easier. this case only came with one case fan which was disappointing. other than that it looks very clean and is a good case for the price
Well-thought out design with ample space for drives, fans, and cable routing. Could use more USB ports in front, and the blue power LED, if you choose to connect it, is a bit glaring, but a fantastic value none the less.
I never thought a case would impress me... my first time building a machine, and this thing had everything positioned and designed to make it trivially easy, from having a panel to thread cords through to help keep things nice and organized, right down to the hard drive trays having holes in the right place to be able to mount an SSD in them without additional hardware needed. Despite how it looks, my machine stays nice and cool, because there's a lot of ventilation capability here, and it muffles sound extremely well.
This is a roomy, well configured case. HDD mounting is simple, cable routing is easy, and component installation was up to my expectations. The computer is *much* quieter with the same hardware as it was with the (now failed) case. Bottom line: I'd buy this again in a heartbeat. It was money well spent.
This is a great case, and I have no real complaints with it, but I can't figure out how the heck to make the front intake fan work; I can see the cable that runs up to the control panel on the top of the case, which controls the fan speed, but I cannot find a plug that goes to the motherboard. Can anyone help with this?
Pretty big case. The glass looks awesome with my LEDS! Only problem was the fitting of my GTX 1070 onto my motherboard. This slight error occured because I put the hard drive holder a couple notches up, but it still worked out in the end. Definitely buying from Thermaltake again.
Good amount of space for what I put inside. Wiring setup is simple and easy to connect without wires being everywhere. Side glass looks cool. USB ports on the top of the tower are convenient for any USB connections.
Super bright and so far have held up to rain. ( one winter ) considering buying more for the front yard.
i liked, working very good in my farm
The first unit was defective, but within a day I was provided a new unit (that worked perfectly) and UPS picked up the defective unit. I can't ask for more than that!
excellent--running full time, very well!!!
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