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Modeling aluminum veneer

Modeling aluminum veneer

Modeling aluminum veneer

Modeling aluminum veneer
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Company Advantages
1. With the assistance of our state-of-the-art technology and proficient team members, Carlos aluminum panels for buildings has delicate workmanship. Different types of ceiling products allow more choices to decorate buildings
2. The use of this product means saving time and labor costs. Thanks to its high efficiency, it can quickly finish tasks that people can not do. Our products have all passed the certification of ISO 9001 and environmental system of ISO 14001
3. The product can stand up strong disinfectants. Its specially coated metal materials make it effectively withstand disinfection environments. Our products are sold with competitive price with discount
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Modeling aluminum veneer-1

Modeling aluminum veneer
Shape aluminum combines a variety of molding processes, aluminum veneer is the most difficult one shaped plate. We create a high precision molding board, the surface is smooth, sewn precision and can be customized plans to order and so on. Modeling aluminum with a unique shape to the building a refreshing visual enjoyment. From the tile, aluminum veneer, aluminum modeling, heritage and evolution all the way to reflect the innovation and pursuit of products; design and development of aluminum plate for the architectural design provides a creative design and visual feast, its birth will be The darling of decorative materials, is a challenge to the traditional process and a breakthrough! It is more commonly used high-grade commercial and residential building materials!


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Company Features
1. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. has accumulated much aluminium cladding panels production experience during their development.
2. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. ensure aluminum panels for buildings service for its costumers. Call!
Very simple and elegant. I am new to showcasing through glass but as a first time purchase, this exceeded expectations. Comes with 2 fans too. This is my first case purchase but I really like it.
Great case with great build quality.
Great cable management and actually shows off the brand of your psu
Love this case. Lots of room and the cable management area it ample enough.
Amazing case for the price
Case works well and looks great! One con, I have a newer motherboard so the older pin connecter for the case USB dosent match up with mine. Maybe need an adapter?
This case is great and is roomy especially if you dont use a dvd drive. Wire management is great but using sata wires r still a pain bc they are hard to tuck in the back. Wanted the grey case but they dont carry it anymore but black is classic. There is no reset button, that button changes the power but color. This is an rgb dream case.
Case feels like it's made solidly. Has nice space for cable management along with ample access ports to run the cabling. The tempered glass side allows for great views of your have RGB setup
Probably one of the best mid cases available right now. Phanteks does it again. They don't neglect HDD trays (which are hidden away in the back) and there are optional expansion slots for more HDD or SSD bays to be mounted. Otherwise, you get 2 HDD trays and 3 SSD mounting areas standard (although only 1 SSD bracket is included). Beautiful open case design for maximizing air flow. Great for an enthusiast on a realistic budget.
Veryy sturdy that's for sure!~~
We ordered 6 filters. 5 of the filters were fine. But on examination, one of the six, the box had no top, and the filter was damaged. Recommend you examine the package carefully. We were purchasing a three year supply. The first two we used immediately and they were fine. When finally putting the remainder on the shelf for storage we noticed the damaged one.
Seems to filter the way it should.
Quality product,easy to install, as usual. (I've been using them about 20 years with no problem)
Good filters, arrived in good order.
Exactly as advertised in original separate six boxes.
I purchased three packages of these lights and they were easy to install. They work perfectly and the craftsmanship is great. The customer service has been great in delivering the lights on time. I would purchase them again in the future for other projects I have coming up.
These lights were perfect and easy to install with much longer cables than previous lights I have purchased. I would recommend these for sure & actually just ordered another set to do the remainder of the hill on my side yard.
out of 4 lights have only used one so far but only thing i dont like to bare wire to connect them unlike the lights like home depot already connected and with a plug so dont have to splice the wire to connect in series
Very beautiful lights and excellent craftsmanship. The metal material is very solid and the light is very sturdy on the ground. The assembly was very easy. I had some questions about the wiring and the seller was very prompt responding. I have not connected the wire in my yard, but I did check them indoor and the lights are adequately bright. I ordered 8-pack, shipping was fast and packaging was secure. I highly recommend the light and the seller.
Super bright and so far have held up to rain. ( one winter ) considering buying more for the front yard.
i liked, working very good in my farm
The first unit was defective, but within a day I was provided a new unit (that worked perfectly) and UPS picked up the defective unit. I can't ask for more than that!
excellent--running full time, very well!!!
great product
works like a charm.
After using my old reliable Lian Li case for almost 15 years it was time for a new case with up to date features. Overall, I'm very happy with this Enthoo Pro M SE case. I like the styling, the Halos lighting and the generous amount of space to work inside the case. Here's a list of Pro's and Con's I found after setup was complete and having used it for a couple of weeks. Pros: 1) Lot's of space to work in for a Mid Tower case. 2) Included 2qty 120mm fans with Halos RGB lighting. 3) Mesh screens on top, bottom and front for keeping out dust 4) Plenty of access holes for running cables from the backside of the case, making for a very neat and clean build. 5) Velcro strips mounted on backside of case for keeping cables tidy. 6) Subjectively speaking, I like the styling. It's not overly flashy but has a clean look. Cons: 1) Although the included manual was nicely laid out and clear in what it stated it lacked specifics in areas I thought would have been nice. Particularly regarding the 12 volt sata connection and it's purpose along with the Halos RGB connections. 2) The Tempered Glass side panel is in desperate need of some type of hinge or similar mechanism to keep the glass side safe from falling while removing it when the case is standing upright. 3) My case arrived with a defective RGB Controller board. I couldn't get the Halos or the Power Button to light up. Customer Service: Due to the fact that my case had a defective RGB Controller board I contacted customer service for troubleshooting. I was able to speak with someone right away without any long holding times or going through multiple phone prompts. The gentlemen I spoke with was very friendly and helpful. He concluded I had a faulty RGB Controller board and mailed one out that same day. I received it within 3 days and after replacing it everything worked fine. Conclusion: This was my first Phanteks case after owning many other brands over the years and I have no regrets at all. I can't comment on how it compares with other modern cases as this is the only case I have purchased recently. What I can say is there is very little I would change about it, and what I would change is very minor. I can't imagine a better designed case at this price point. Most importantly, if you're like me and still using an old, outdated case because "it works", do yourself a favor and upgrade your case. It's pretty amazing how far they have come in 15 years,
DOA with bad power switch, intermittent switch only works 1 of 25 times, will not turn off system, and gets stuck in on position at times. Thought I had assembled the system wrong, frustrating and a waste of my time. It's a nice looking case, black and white interior with big glass panel, and the dual 140" RGB fan halos look good. Cable management behind the right panel is limited but adequate. Decided to exchange for the same case because it's one of the few "modern" cases that include a 5.25" bay for optical drives.
Built a high performance gaming system with AIO CPU water cooler with this case. Case is well built with lots of room and nice features. Tempered glass side panel is a nice touch as I can see all my components while the system is running. Air vents have dust filters. Lots of cable routing options and tie downs. Lots of room for fans. I have five quiet 120mm fans in mine. Great airflow. Very happy with this case and would recommend it to others.
I absolutely love this case so much. Beautiful, easy to build in, high quality. Thanks for this amazing case.
Used for my first PC build - plenty of room for parts, good cable management, comes with 2 fans and built in case lights, great features, would definitely recommend this case
I decided to get this case for my second build. My last case was awful no space, horrible build quality just all around trash. So when I got this case I was suprised at how much space there was! Everything looks high quality and the glass looks really nice. Only issue I have is how there's a small gap at the top of the case but honestly thats just nitpicking. Anyway get this case its great!
So I'm 14 and my brother needed a new computer as his old laptop had broke. I bought this case after reading all of the reviews on it, and I have to admit I loved building in this case. This case has a lot of space, and looks amazing with my brother's X470 Prime Pro, the inside perfectly reflects the RGB lighting. I love how the tempered glass looks, and I love the cable management options that the case gives you. The only problem I had with the case was that one of the side panels was bent and gave me a bit of a hard time, the fans look nice, and I'll definitely buy some Phanteks Halos for my build.
Great price and easiest PC build I have ever done. Plenty of room for cable management, no sharp edges, sleek look.
Pros: absolutely stunning case. Beautiful build quality. Tons of room for all sorts of builds. The tempered glass has a very nice tint to it. Adjustable to suit almost every need! Unbeatable price for quality. Despite cons, would 100% recommend. Cons: lack of another ssd or hdd sled. Only one ssd sled is included. To mount a 280mm rad in the front, you have to remove a portion of the basement cover. It’s no big deal, but somewhat frustrating. Wish they would have opted out of the optical drive to allow for a 280 to fit without removing cages and basement cover. On the front there is a dust cover, however the “vents” on the front aren’t filtered.
Nice case, if you still want the 5.25 bay for a drive or controls. The tempered glass looks sharp, not sure about the acrylic window since I didn't get that one. Installation was straight forward with all the tools needed. Fans are high quality. I didn't find the PWM hub, not sure if it was suppose to come with it, but oh wells.
Clear stereo sound. I dont use the high power. Low power works anywhere I need to use it on my property. Be care as this thing can transmit far. Not sure if its legal. Probably not. One bad thing is the fan is super load! You can't stand to be in the same room as it so take that into consideration. I was thinking about replacing the fan with a quieter one. Maybe a small squirrel cage type.
Seems to work well. Sound quality is good, but as others have said, there is noticeable AC hum or buzz when source material becomes quiet or during the gap between songs playing. This seems to be a problem probably caused by the power supply rather than the radio. A quieter power supply might help the problem although the radio should have had better filtering to combat the problem. Other than the buzz or hum, the only other thing worth noting is that the antenna connector seems to be a TNC rather than a BNC. Those planning on using an external antenna will have to get a TNC to BNC or TNC to SO-239 adapter depending on what cable you're planning on using.
Use at your own risk. Transmits above legal maximum... But if you're not an idiot about it, I'm sure you'll be fine. I get 1/2 mile very easily from inside an RV. If audio seems distorted just lower the transmit audio volume. I like to use this when I'm cleaning the house. FM radio in all my rooms, connected to YouTube and playing whatever I want.
First one I received was not working properly. Returned it and second one works quite well. Easily works in my home and surrounding few acres very well. The audio quality is fine. Fan in rear a bit noisy, but not too bad. On high power, with just the telescopic antenna, I get a range of 1/4 mile easy. With a resonant FM antenna, I bet I could get a mile or more. For $50 or so, you can't go wrong.
This TX is ok for setting up a camping area or some such short range application. The first thing I had to do was fabricate an interface cable for the audio input. For some reason, they have the power supply voltage ON the audio jack. I placed two 1 uf capacitors in line with the audio input and that cleaned up the act straight away. The power out seems to be ok. I have not looked at it with a spectrum analyzer but, it sounds clean enough on the air. You must GROUND this thing or it simply won't perform. Not bad for what it is..
Unit was obviously used and/or refurbished, not new as advertised. However, it works very well, I’m very impressed with the power and range. Seems like good construction. Hopefully the seller will address the “used” vs “new” issue
Works great but the included power supply introduced static I could not accept. I had to replace it.
Works like a champ
works great so far , it has been a few months . run it weeks at a time....
Works as advertized. Fan is loud as noted by others. Set up is a breeze just read the instruction sheet that comes with the unit. Power supply that came with it is marked 1.6 amp and unit is marked 2.0 amp required. Audio is clear if set correctly also the unit proforms much better with a power supply that produces more than 2 amps. Over all this unit works very well.
Does what it says.
Works well, runs cool and does the job. Most folks will be very pleased with this unit.
works great, sound is good
Works good but I had to rewire the switches, when removing the fast-on's the tab pulled out of the switch. Carling switches will not do this but also are a lot more money. I took a small screwdriver and opened up the connectors before removing the rest of the wires and that worked fine. I only needed to wire up 4 of the switches so the 1 broken switch didn't matter to me.
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