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Circular sewing bag with columns

Circular sewing bag with columns

Circular sewing bag with columns

Circular sewing bag with columns
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Prepaid 50% deposit, cleared balance payment after the goods are finished.
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  • Carlos Metal Building Material provides practical services based on different customer demand.
Product Details
Carlos Metal Building Material adheres to the principle of 'details determine success or failure' and pays great attention to the details of aluminum panel sheet.aluminum panel sheet is well-chosen in material and fine in workmanship, which makes the quality stable and reliable. It has a long service life and a wide application.
Company Advantages
1. This brand of aluminum panels is of attractive design.
2. This product is superior to other products because of its excellent performance, durability and other characteristics.
3. The reliability of this product guarantees a consistent performance throughout the lifetime and ultimately ensures the total cost of ownership is as low as possible.
4. The product only needs limited human supervision, which will directly contribute to reducing manpower and finally help save labor costs.
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Circular sewing bag with columns-1

Circular sewing bag with columns
In the aesthetics of architectural space, the design materials and modeling are not only the result of accidental encounter of an image, but also the collision between inspiration and reality; and it can be affirmed that Creative applications are also sustainable.

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4、Contact us:, we will reply to you within 48 hours.

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Company Features
1. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. integrates R&D, design, production, and sales of aluminum panels products.
2. Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. is a reliable supplier for its high quality of aluminum wall panels .
3. Carlos adheres to the concept of customer first. Get an offer! The brand positioning of the Carlos brand is to enable each team to serve customers with professional skills. Get an offer! Carlos Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. committed to enhance Carlos positioning and equity. Get an offer! Being a dominant aluminium cladding panels manufacturer has been always Carlos pursuing. Get an offer!
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-Protection film, or cotton paper to protect each piece.
-PE film outside each bundle/ or Kraft paper.
-Small profile to be inserted into bigger ones to save space



With experienced practices, we make our best of usingthe container.Customer request acceptable.









Super light and my feet stay on the pedals fairly well. I haven't had much of an opportunity to put them to the test but I have had a few pedal strikes and they don't seem to be harmed. My GT sensor has a wicked low bottom bracket so pedal strikes are sometimes unavoidable. So far so good also the spin action or the rotation isn't very fast so they don't move when your foot does slip off or you take your foot off the corner. Very satisfied so far you wouldn't know they were composite panel for how terrible they've been during my short test period.
Works perfect! My sneakers literally stick to the pedal! And looks great on my bike
Great Pedals. Bought a second pair for another bike.
No issues after over a thousand trips to and from campus in a cold and snowy Boston climate. Can't wait for summer to hit the trails and really test these out.
These are great pedals. I had to return mine because I was building a Fixie and wanted to set up straps. The only photos I could find had a 45 degree angle and the aluminium part of the pedal is hollow. The rest of it is not. You CANNOT fit footstraps on these pedals. It a shame really because they are a great platform pedal.
This is an excellent pedal set without going to clip style pedals. I may still do that but these work so well for what I need, I can't imagine changing. The large surface area and optional set screws for extra bite make these the most comfortable pedals I've ever used.
Good for price. It First came damaged, but they were wonderful, they replaced it with no problems. Can't accept a lot of weight though. It works for our table bbq
they are great, *except for the screws......they suck due to the type of head... the heads should be a 'HEX' type screw, NOT a 'SQUARE' they strip out way easier, i had to go and buy *HEX SCREWS'
I got this for my Italian Greyhound who is only ever in it to sleep at night, or because she wants to be there with the door open. She loves being in her crate, and I think she likes this one even more because it's very den like. She would never, never, scratch and bite at her crate unless she *really* needed to get out urgently. Think: left in there for 12 hours. Look at the pictures. If your dog is not totally crate trained and in love with being in a crate DO NOT BUY THIS CRATE. There are plenty of reviews and photographs that demonstrate that if your dog shows any resistance to this crate, it will crumble. If you buy this thing, and you know your dog is going to scratch and bite at it, and you magically expect it not to break, you are a fool. I feel like this is a five star create, because it's perfect for my dog and my needs, but I'm giving it four stars because it obviously needs to be made somewhat more durable.
I've had this crate for my 80lb dog for almost 3 years. We LOVE it. It looks nice in our living room and makes a great end table. Its sturdy enough to handle my toddler tornado crawling on top of it. Also, the espresso looks more like a dark grey. That being said, we do NOT have the door on as our dog is trusted to roam around our living room when we aren't home. When he was a wild puppy, we used a metal crate. Once he was trusted, we switched to this beauty. If you want to lock your dog up and your dog wants to be free, this probably isn't the jail cell you're looking for! It's more like a beautiful cave :) (Our picture shows our newest pup sleeping on the couch next to our dog in his cave, when we aren't home that little pup is locked up in a metal crate! He isn't trained/trusted to have one of these beautiful caves yet!)
Absolutely love it!!! Exactly what I was looking for and my yorkie loves it. Very happy with the purchase. The create is easy to put together, it took 10 minutes to assemble. No tools are necessary. It is a beautiful design and well made. Perfect for small dogs not horses.
Gorgeous! Super sticky so make sure put them correctly the first time. Used it to frame my old medicine cabinet. Everyone likes it.
I love it.
Looks amazing as kitchen backsplash! Super easy to clean/wipe down
They really gave the feel of metallic look..Plus they are easy to install..
I used this along with ASIN B000QFN3DU to insulate a toaster oven for solder reflow purposes. It made a HUGE difference in heat retention. However, the instructions to use metal shears to cut it are a bit off. Metal shears will slice nicely through the metal backing, but they get caught up on the fiberglass filling. I ended up having to switch back and forth between the shears and a pair of plain scissors.
The heat shield itself work great, keeps fiberglass bodies safe from exhaust heat. However the adhesion leaves something to be desired (even when cleaned properly with acetone).
Used a couple sheets of this to create a heat shield for a box of record albums that were in storage in a hot environment for a week. The records turned out fine. Thumbs up!
I am using this product to protect nylon motorcycle bags sitting in contact with an exposed motorcycle exhaust, so I needed something that could handle direct contact, not just reflected heat. This shield is meeting my needs. The adhesive backing of the shield seems to be adhering well to the neoprene pad on the bag. In testing, the exhaust becomes far too hot to touch, while the neoprene pad and the bag itself become only slightly warm, so I'm confident there will be no meltdown during my upcoming road trip. The sturdy shield material can be cut to size with a heavy-duty pair of scissors, and is flexible enough to shape without distorting at freeway speeds. I would recommend taping the cut edges of the heat shield with aluminum exhaust tape for a little more finished look and keep water from getting into the insulation.
This stuff is fantastic. Wish i had tried this sooner. I'll report back when i've tested it.
Great stuff
I love this stuff. Just remember to clean the surface that you are going to stick it to.
Look great, fast delivery
Well made and professional
As expected, as described
As Described
I LOVE this Dremel! I am a 50 year old female, without much skill or knowledge with wood work.Long story short I used this dremel for cutting 1" wood trim after the guy that laid my laminate flooring, did a terrible job with our trim.The cutting wheel worked PERFECTLY and the adjustable speed really came in handy.NOW looking for the next project to use this sweet little tool for:)
Did exactly what I needed it to do (cut down a PVC pipe coming out of the floor). Nice to have the right tool for the right job - makes a huge difference. Looking forward to doing more with it.
This was a very good product and it really finished off the deckrails very nicely.
exactly as described. very good product. easy and works well for my new deck
I purchased these for a new deck project at my home. I took a leap of faith, as there were no reviews on amazon available at the time of purchase. These brackets came exactly as advertised. I purchased a similar pair at a local big box store to compare against these . I believe these connectors are better than the ones I purchased at the local store. The plastic on these is different and more flexible. Unless the connection is cut perfectly the brackets from the local store cracked and broke when the screws were tightened. These were able to flex and snug up tight with no cracking. The handrails are very strong and these make the installation extremely easy. They have now been in place for approximately 6 months and are still in great shape.
A great item at a great price. fast shipping
it worked
It worked great
Received it on time, the fit was exactly what I expected, the engine started on the first try - all for $20. less than anyone else.
Nice high quality stickers for a decent price. I've purchased quite a few of these for my customers and this set was good quality, highly visible. Placed the larger ones on dumpsters near a university which kept getting filled at end of semester. Placed the smaller ones on doors and windows to a large house off campus. Actually have real cameras running, hoping these stickers will reduce amount of mischief and video I have to submit to the police.
I had to cut through 80 feet of concrete block with DIamond saw blades. This Skilsaw got the job done at a fraction of the price of alternative methods. It may have been hard on the machine since it was the first thing we did with it out of the box but thats what SkilSaw is meant for. To work hard and last a long time. It is now being used for the more typical type of work which is cutting wood but it performed extremely well under all conditions. I like this saw and I thin the investment was completely worth it. It actually cuts deeper than my 14 inch Demo Saw.
Bought this saw to cut & notch 6x6 posts... worked perfectly for this task. Motor provides plenty of torque to cut heavy timber without any difficulty. Tilt and bevel settings are very accurate for a big worm drive framing saw. It’s very heavy which helps hold a straight line and provide plenty of inertia while cutting. If your looking for a high quality well built framing saw look no further than this HD worm drive saw.
This is perfect for camping and grilling. It folds up flat very quickly and is incredibly sturdy! I can't wait to use it this summer!
Wanted to get my kids into t-ball. This is a great foam bat for little ones. Mine are 3 and 4 years old.
they work well. I put a spring in mine to help push the clampy part back out as I unscrew it. Only did that because i always end up needing to use them in pretty awkward places, makes it a lot easier to tell when you've backed it out far enough. much much kinder than using vice grips, especially on older hoses that are more delicate
A must when working on anything that requires clamping off a line for any reason. I mostly use when working on brakes to not introduce extra air into the system. Even though they are plastic they seem to work well.
I use these when working on my mowers and replacing the fuel and oil filters. It allows for me to pinch the lines without ruining them or leaking fluids.
decent little clamp, especially for the money. If it was aluminum instead of plastic I'd give it 5 stars, but it gets the job done.
Works great - prevents a fluid mess!
Very useful, I don't why some people are complaining. No it's not made out of metal, it's $6, what do you expect? I've already using this on my fuel line and brake line with success. Very happy!
Bought this product cause it LOOKED as if it was made of copper, not the case. Good product anyway. Roy Houston, Tx
Great tool to have if you are working on your brakes. With these you won't lose a lot of brake fluid.
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